Saturday, 2 March 2013

An indigo dyed hunter’s tunic from Benin.


AGB102 - Much prized by lovers of indigo, these smock-like robes were worn by hunters and other senior men in the forested central and northern regions of the Benin Republic. Hand-tailored from indigo hand spun cotton thread strip weaves with a plain indigo in a lighter shade lining the shoulders and hem.


Eight to ten years ago there were quite a few of these around in Accra but more recently they have become rather scarce and prices for rare examples as good as this have risen accordingly. Condition: small patched repair to back of "skirt" and minor marks but good overall. Age: circa mid C20th. Measures: 43 inches x 57, 110cm x 145. More details here


Photo above is a detail from the wonderful book Chasseurs Nago: Royaume de Bante by photographer Jean-Dominique Burton published by Fondation Zinsou.

Click on the photos to enlarge. More robes here and more indigo here.

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