Friday, 22 October 2010

Some more vintage Yoruba adire cloths from Nigeria


Today we have updated the selection of vintage adire cloths from the Yoruba speaking region of Nigeria on our website. Adire means tie and dye, although many of the hand made patterns were created using painted on cassava starch to resist the indigo dye. Details of descriptions, sizes and prices on our gallery here or visit us in London…..





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  1. Adire textile design works, they are perfectly well down and indigenously also well waxed...Although with patterns and motifs which appear in variations of blues, but still the textiles are unpredictably moody and servile, but the Africanized context still make excessively elongatetive and persuasive statements, which is suitable to the viewer. I; Oluwafemi, Oloidi, is a Masters student, (Art History) at the university of Nigerian, Nsukka