Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Woven Beauty - Basle Exhibition Catalogue now available

The exhibition catalogue of the Basle show is now available in English and German editions. It can be ordered direct from the publishers here or from the museum shop here.There is also a website to accompany the exhibit here.

Edited by Bernhard Gardi the catalogue makes some of his many years of research on Malian textiles and Kerstin Bauer's work on the Dyula of northern Cote D'Ivoire available in English for the first time. It also includes articles and shorter texts by John Picton, Jean Borgatti, Malika Kraamer, Kolado Cisse,Rogier Bedaux and Annette Schmidt and a short chapter on Nigeria by myself. Colour photos show groups of related cloths from several regions.

This is a significant contribution to the field of African textile studies which every collector and scholar with an interest in African arts should buy !

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