Friday, 12 July 2013

West African Robes: some early photos of Nigerian robes

To mark the recent update of the robe section of our gallery, today I am posting a selection of early images of this style of robe in use. Although this style of robe was made in and closely associated with the nineteenth century Sokoto Caliphate in north Nigeria, taking in Hausa, Nupe and northern Yoruba peoples, such was it’s prestige that it was traded and worn across a much wider expanse of West Africa.


Photographer unknown. Lagos, Nigeria, Circa 1890.


Photographer N. Walwin Holm or J.A. C. Holm, circa 1900-10. The Alake of Abeokuta.


Photographer unknown, Cameroun, early C20th.


Photographer unknown, Burkina Faso, early C20th. the Moro Naba, king of the Mossi, Ouagadougou.


Photographer unknown, early C20th, Tuareg Chief, Zinder, Niger.


Photographer unknown, early C20th. Hausa dance troupe, northern Nigeria.


Photographer unknown, early C2oth, Shendam, east central Nigeria.

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