Saturday, 25 April 2015

Cloth of the Month: An Ewe Chief’s Robe Cloth


E822 - Very unusual mixed strip Ewe man's cloth with seven different strip designs and exceptionally elaborate borders. The majority of Ewe cloths don't have distinct borders (unlike Asante kente) and on those that do the designs are generally quite repetitive with only subtle variations. Here though the variants in the strip pattern and their interaction with the weft blocks provide the main visual interest in the central field but the borders themselves are markedly more complex with threefold weft blocks framing a great variety of neatly woven weft float motifs.



This makes the borders themselves a design focus that counter balances the irregular off-beat layout of patterns within the central field.



Condition - very good, cloth is complete, there is slight discoloration in places on some white strips, probably from decades of storage in a metal trunk. Dates from circa 1900-20s. Measurement: 107 inches x 69 ins, 272cm x 175cm PRICE: Email for price.

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