Thursday, 1 July 2010

“Under African Skies” – quilting exhibition in York

A Quilt and Textile Exhibition curated by Magie Relph for The Quilt Museum and Gallery in York, 10 July to 16 October 2010 – features quilts made from and inspired by African fabrics.


“African Odyssey III by Janice Gunner, UK. This quilt was inspired by a present from Magie Relph - a piece of Indigo and kola nut fabric with a large tied circular motif in the centre. I just had to use it in a quilt, but I needed more fabrics to go with it. Another collection was born! Machine pieced, hand and machine quilted. Cotton and polyester wadding. Cotton, rayon invisible and metallic threads. 121 x 100 cm “

More information here