Monday, 8 February 2010

Some more Ewe cloths….

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Details from Ewe484 – click to enlarge.


CODE# E484
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MEASURES: 112ins x 75, 283cm x 190
The supplementary weft float motifs on this cloth are exceptionally complex composite images combining two or three objects or animals and people with objects in a manner that I have no previously seen. The very neatly woven designs are framed within white weft faced stripes and rows of square blocks on a solid green ground. The cloth has a couple of patches near top left corner in the photo but otherwise is in very good condition.  Dates from circa 1920-50.


CODE# E525

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MEASURES: 119ins x 69, 303cm x 176

Superb, elaborate  and complex Ewe chief's cloth with a variety of  supplementary weft float motifs including people, birds, animals, swords, geometric designs etc, alternating with square weft faced blocks.  One of the finest Ewe pieces we have collected in recent years. Parts of some of the weft motifs have worn away and a there are a few repairs but this remains an exceptional piece. Dates from circa 1900-20s. 


CODE# E518
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MEASURES: 126ins x 71, 320cm x 180
Fine example of the weft faced "checkerboard" style of Ewe cotton man's cloth, with a soft well used feel and typical heavy weight of cloth. The addition of yellow is unusual in this style of Ewe cloth and adds a vibrancy to the design. Exceptionally for this type of cloth this example is complete and intact with no missing strips or repairs. In excellent condition and dating from early C20th.

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